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Options for your pet’s visit: Curbside Tele-Health or Tele-medicine from the comfort of your home


Once you arrive, you will call us (503)246-4226 for the Curbside Tele-health appointment

We will then ask you a series of questions about your pet and any issues. BarburVet assistants will collect your pet from your car or we will have you bring them to the front door. Once your pet is in an exam room Dr. Alexandra sends you a text or email link that you will click on your phone or computer enabling you to view and converse with your veterinarian while she performs the exam. There are special cases under the veterinarian discretion that we allow owners in the building with a mask. We ensure that there is a clean exam room available for your pet that is always equipped with an air purifier.









Curbside Tele-Health, stress free for pet and safe for owner

Where owners get to see their pet in the exam room!

Owners are interactive with their pet and veterinarian during the exam. 

All Critters get to participate in the exam! Curbside Tele-Health Benefits Owners, Critters and Veterinarians!

All Critters and owners benefit from the Curbside Tele-Health Experience!

Safe Exams with Curbside Tele-Health!

Imagine having your pet get a thorough exam and being able to participate in the exam process. You get to actually see and speak with your veterinarian! We always follow up each exam with an emailed exam report and follow up texts for updates.